Training Officers: All You Need To Know To Prepare Your Staff

Seminar Overview

16 Hours Continuing Education

Approved: Massachusetts State 911 Grant


Day 1 Topics

Topics include: effective communication with trainees, training strategies, and preparing a training program.

Students should prepare to bring to class any training procedures they have in place and any documents they use to track training now for use in class activities


Day 2 Topics

Topics include: working with adult learners, performance evaluations and daily observation reports, and documenting training and records keeping.


Creating a communication training program that works for your training officers and new employees is important to the success of your agency. It is important to create a program that ensures the minimum training requirements are met along with flexibility for your staff and trainers.

In this 16 hour seminar, students will learn how to develop a training program, prepare for and track training, communicate effectively, and conduct observation reports after each training session.