Negativity is Contagious!

Seminar Overview

8 Hours Continuing Education

Approved: Massachusetts State 911 Grant


Negativity is all around us. Nothing destroys productivity and morale more than negativity in the work environment. Negativity can occur with one employee or plague the entire organization. Supervisors are in close contact with employees and are responsible for recognizing negativity, receiving complaints, dealing with the dynamic of the work environment, and understanding the reputation of the organization. Diagnosing workplace negativity and learning to eliminate it is important to improving the overall environment your staff works in. This seminar covers various topics to help identify negativity, build a tool box for dealing with that negativity, and how employees effect the workplace environment.

Course topics include: dealing with negativity in the workplace, fostering an exceptional workplace culture, using positive recognition as a tool, tools for employee retention, and eliminating negativity within the workforce.