A Team That Helps You Succeed

Investing in your staff with quality training will help them excel in their position and reach for excellence. If you want to ensure your staffs' success, ensure they receive the education they need on the topics important to them!

Quality Training on Quality Topics

All of our training covers topics important to all sectors of public safety. All of our training is supported with research in various different fields including police operations, active shooters, fire operations, trauma support, and more! Check out our updated list of training below or visit our event schedule to find a course seminar near you!

Your Staff Depends On Your Leadership

To be a great leader, it takes time, energy, and education. Leadership is not just a quality you are born with, its something you must work on over time. UCS offers many wonderful opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills and qualities through our seminars. Check out our event schedule to find a seminar near you!

Basic Medical Knowledge for Telecommunicators

Telecommunicators have a very large responsibility to answer emergency calls every day. Determining what type of ...

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Incident Command and Scene Operations for Dispatchers

A critical incident can strike a community at any time. Depending on your staffing levels and available resources ...

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Leadership During a Crisis

The measure of a leader is often tested during a crisis. Leaders hold an important role during a crisis or major incident. It is common ...

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Effective Communication

Managers, supervisors, and staff must all have exceptional communication skills. Working in public safety, your staff ...

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Management vs. Leadership

Understanding the difference between a manager and leader is important, but knowing when to become a leader rather than a ...

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Building an Effective Team

The ability to simultaneously perform as an individual and together with your colleagues and employees in an effective team...

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Developing and Fostering Relationships

Building and maintaining good relationships will not only make you more engaged and committed to your ...

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Time Management 101

Time management skills are required by all but you would be surprised how many people fail to properly manage their ...

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