Domestic Terrorism

Seminar Overview

8 Hours Continuing Education

Approved: Massachusetts State 911 Grant


This course reviews a common threat in our modern society. Domestic Terrorism consists of incidents within the United States intended to intimidate or coerce the civilian population, to influence the policy of the government by intimidation or coercion, or to affect the conduct of the government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping. These types of incidents have become more common in recent years although they have been occurring long before their was an official definition of domestic terrorism. It is important for law enforcement and telecommunicators to have a full understanding of domestic terrorism and be prepared should an incident ever occur in their jurisdiction.

Course topics include: common terrorist targets, domestic terrorist groups in the United States, what law enforcement and telecommunicators should know about domestic terrorism, common techniques for dealing with emergency calls for service of domestic terrorism incidents, sovereign citizens and what law enforcement should know about dealing with sovereign citizens.