Custom Training Products

Designed To Meet The Needs And Demands Of Your Agency

Training Manuals

Training manuals provide your employees with a central location for information on job roles, functions, operations, policies, and procedures. A custom manual for your staff guarentees they have a central location to check information and answer their questions, and allows new employees a resource to learn from.

Online Training

Custom online training is a great way to get your employees valuable training, on topics relevant to your agency. Each online course can be customized to your policies and procedures to ensure your staff learn the procedures and processes of your agency.


Custom seminars are a great way to get staff together for a private training on topics relevant to your agency and meet the needs of your current training standards. Topics can also cover local and state laws in addition to your policies and procedures.

Benefits to Custom Training Products

Training Manual

  • PDF & Printed Copies Provided
  • Editable
  • Complete Resource for Employees
  • Create Consistency and Quality Work

Online Courses

  • Flexability
  • Custom Topics
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Yearly Updates Free


Cost Efficient
  • Flat Fee
  • Customizable
  • Encourages Dialogue
  • Improve Your Skills

We want to take an active role in your training. With our custom products, we can increase training for your staff and increase their situational knowledge, creating a stronger team to execute your goals!

- Charles Goodwin. President, United Communication Solutions

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