Planning to design a new communications center?

Our professionals are ready to assist you in your design or re-design process! Knowing where to start, how to plan for the future, what vendors to speak to, and ensuring your staff has the equipment it needs can be time consuming and complicated. Our staff will help you build a plan to design your new center, make arrangements to meet with vendors, and help guide you along your design process seamlessly so you can reduce the amount of roadblocks along the way.

conn center

Building a training program is hard!

Our professional staff is available to assist you in training program development. It can be difficult building a training program from the ground up, let us help you. We bring together courses from our agency and others to build an affordable course schedule for new hires combined with developing an in-house training program that meets your needs.

Policy development is time consuming!

We have professionals with experience in policy design and development. We will use your requests to produce a policy draft that can be catered to your agency. Let us do the hard work in developing your policy manual while you spend your time on more pressing matters.


It's hard to find the right employees!

Our professional staff is available to assist you with your hiring practices! Whether you need help with employment announcements or assistance with interviewing prospective employees, we can provide assistance and advice. Let us help you find the right staff for your agency!

Please consider us for your consultation needs. Our staff would be happy to assist you in any of your needs. Please contact us should you need consultation services in training programs, training and policy manuals, policy development, hiring practices, and more

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