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Evans Console Cleaning & Maintenance

- Cleaning -

Detailed cleaning of consoles (including all cavaties), accessories, chairs, AV systems, and other equipment. This type of cleaning is more than a cursory wipe down!

- Maintenance -

Preventative maintenance such as hinge repairs, cabling and cable management, leveling of doors, and keyboard tray repairs. This ensures your console equipment continues to work at its' best!

- Cable Management -

Cable management services are help tame the jungle of cables you have growing under and throughout your console positions. As time goes on, systems and equipment is added and before you know it, your cables become a tangled mess. Cable management system will solve this problem for you!

Why Choose EvansCare™ Console Cleaning and Maintenance?

Employee Health and Wellness

Potential Decrease in Sick Calls

Equipment Efficiency

Increase the Time Your Equipment Lasts

Investment in Staff

Raise Morale with a Clean, Efficient Center

Over time, a collection of dust, mite, and mold can cause health, safety, and equipment performance issues. Your consoles are under constant use, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Cleaning and maintenance helps impact the ongoing performance and lifespan of your systems.